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Client: QV Skincare (

Brief: Upgrade their existing CMS platform and redesign the QV skincare website. Specific requirements and wish list included the ability to change mixed graphic / type hero banners without touching HTML; eDM integration for automated publishing and signups; connectivity across social media; simplification of the CMS processes to reduce the learning curve to a 1 hour tutorial (or at best case intuitive use after login); And of course remain on brand for the QV.

Solution: Based on the existing CMS and cost of re-development, it was determined early on to retain the current CMS and re-work its functionality. This also provided a benefit in the existing content would not need to be migrated into a new platform. New strategies within the CMS framework were researched and tested to ensure the new requirements could be met while reducing the complexity for new content to be added. We created sub-templates within pages and re-worked the navigational hierarchy to manage these requirements while keeping the design consistent. ย We also added a significant amount of SEO structure to improve organic traffic over time.


– Response from client sensational on the use of the updated CMS
– New content added more regularly and remains on-brand
– eDM publishing added to replace News Section a huge time-saving on double entry and formatting
– Significant organic traffic growth over the previous CMS structuring

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    Posted on December 11th, 2015

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