Gone are the days that you build a website and let the clients find it for you. Whilst maximising SEO (Search Engine Optimization) may ensure quality keywords are bringing traffic into your site, your website needs it all – a balance between well-coded and well-designed layout, and relevant, engaging content that speaks to visitors on more levels than keywords.

As the saying goes, ‘seek and you will find’ – a saying none more apt than in the online search space as we’ve found time and time again with the majority of our client’s web traffic coming from search. SEO has been a bit of a buzz term in the past 10 years, although gone are the days of keyword loading and black-hat link building. Where do you start? Well, you may find that the solution you need cannot be delivered from a box.

No Cookie-Cutter. Please!

Imagine SEO developers are like bakers – they make round chocolate cookies day-in-day-out and do this very well. However, one day a new customer comes in and wants white chocolate cookies shaped as stars. This task is suddenly difficult as they are unable to adjust to the request. The same goes for SEO. Offering the same service is essentially a ‘Cookie Cutter’ – the process may be fast, but you won’t be servicing a customer’s individual ‘tastes’. This is simply a strategy that pays less or no consideration to your actual market and aims for short-term rankings by using spurious and prohibited tactics, leaving your page at the brink of being penalised by search engines. And once your site is considered spam or is penalised by the Google Gods, maintaining traffic will become a difficult task.

SEO companies need to deliver for a range of online marketing opportunities and this process takes time to produce results, due to the care and customised offering that they should be delivering to suit all the ins and outs of your business – not simply ticking off options from a checklist.

The Solution: Hand Tailored Approach

The AndMine SEO team work differently. We conduct high-level research to learn about your business and your market, using this to come up with a tailored approach for sustainable, qualified traffic and ranking improvement and, as part of your online business strategy, to keep you ahead of your competition. Relevant SEO combined with engaging content will aid in increasing your organic search ranking and build qualified traffic, as well as revealing structurally weak areas of your online strategy.

Have a look at the following – SEO is more than simply building links and should be tailored to your exact business (Click link below to open our PDF with detailed results):

Struggling to get that ranking?

If every company is running the same cookie-cutter approach and chasing the same keywords for that 1st Page ranking, shouldn’t you be doing something different? If everyone wants to be on page one for the most obvious keywords, what are those ranks actually worth to your business?  Will those keywords convert customers for your business? Are they within reach… for your budget? Our full service digital agency in Melbourne and Sydney is working every angle and maximising SEO benefits for our clients. You’d be surprised how much traffic you can win, and win quickly, with this very tailored approach.


SEO Performace and Growth 12 Months

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  • The AndMine team have been delivering our digital strategy and online services for many years now. Strongly commercially aware they know our industry well and have consistently delivered winning results for Matchbox. - David Cohen, Owner, Matchbox

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