Family Violence Response Plan

To Help End Family Violence, please spread the word, share the site,  and use #FamilyViolence #10YearPlan

The team at &Mine are enormously proud to be part of the Family Violence Response Plan. This has been one of the most challenging projects we’ve worked on, and at times, highly emotional. The website and communication plan aims to prevent and respond, but ultimately bring about an end to family violence.

We’ve worked closely with the Victorian government and are posting this to help grow awareness, as one of the keys to change is the way we all view family violence. The more people that share, talk, and realise the lives it effects, the sooner we have wide community understanding of the problem, and we can build on solutions.

We all share an enormous amount of content daily on social media. The call here is to read the #10Yearplan and continue to add your voice to end #FamilyViolence. Don’t do this just once: this is an 10 year plan, and when the issue crosses your path or conversation, remember to bring more awareness by re-sharing the plan.

Too often the issue is trivialised, hidden; the Victorian government alongside courageous victim survivors have put together an ambitions vision: a future free from family violence. During the project we witnessed how powerfully family violence effects but also connects people; how frequently the issue is faced with a brave face, the truth sitting just under the surface. So impactful were the user interviews and prototyping sessions, we could see the problem was one or two degrees of separation from all of us. It was inspiring to witness the teams switch from our everyday ‘we have a job to do‘ to truly hoping we have done our best. We understood more each day.

Today, content websites and social platforms provide a unique opportunity to help resolve family violence. Digital is a disruptive medium for change. The central hub for this communication is the Family Violence 10 Year Plan Response. Please spread the word and share the site, share the hashtags #FamilyViolence and #10YearPlan, talk to friends and family, and be part of this inspirational movement the Victorian government have launched. Ensure the conversation continues unabated.

Visit :

Below : Part of the #10YearPlan – The 227 recommendations which track in real-time the Royal Commission Recommendations and actions as part of the 10 year plan. These recommendations in action are a big step towards freeing us from domestic violence and can all be read transparently at They help untangle the complexity of the system and how we can find clarity around the issue. We ALL still need to do our part, awareness and our shift not to accept family violence will help this movement succeed.   


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