Customising BigCommerce for Engine Swim

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Engine Swim Customised BigCommerce Launch! 

&Mine recently collaborated with Engine Swim and BigCommerce to produce another solid rollout of the leading eStore online shop platform. &Mine is an enterprise partner on BigCommerce, of course on of our favourite platforms to build on. Our project Customising BigCommerce for Engine Swim has been another huge success.

Engine Swim is one of the leading manufacturers of swim wear in the world. The company founded by dual Olympian Toby Haenen and headed by triple Olympic gold medallist Andrew Lauterstein, aids swimmers and surfers in Australasia and beyond with scientifically designed and meticulously engineered swim gear.

Engines products are used by swimming/surfing enthusiasts and professionals. Many athletes, who have donned the products of Swim Engine, have gone on to win multiple World and Olympic championship, not to mention success in many other tournaments and events. Today Swim Engine gears function as a sign of authenticity and quality in pools and beaches.

E-store development

When &Mine joined hands with Swim Engine, our task was clear – promote the brand to an even larger audience, increasing brand value and ensuring customer satisfaction on a new online eStore platform. The choice was obvious;

The e-store was developed with Big Commerce, part of the extensive SaaS partner network &Mine runs. The platform is often recommended to clients due to its robust nature, simple back-end interface and out-of-the box customisations using the BigCommerce API. There are also hundreds of standard features available on Big Commerce deployed using their new Stencil Template Interface to generate a classic eCommerce look that reflected ‘brand uniqueness’.

With better Content Management System (CMS) and user friendly navigation, the Swim Engine e-store is rich in functionality. Today it serves to the ever growing number of customers and helps in increasing brand value and more importantly Engine Swims bottom line.

Harnessing Best-Practice Digital Marketing

The primary reason for the success of the Engine Swim’s e-store rests in the proper and full utilisation of the digital marketing techniques and tools. Following &Mine’s mantras for digital success, the e-store advertises cost efficiently with targeted advertisement and uses social media to increase organic traffic. Niche marketing techniques and cohort analysis help in funnelling proper resources to necessary places and provide better conversion ratio per dollar. Moreover, viral marketing helped generate the buzz around the brand and its business. Our core philosophy, drive the Bigcommerce platform for what it does best – sell product, and always deliver a Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) which provides a clear profit per unit sold.

Not only was the store a huge success on launch it continues to be for Engine and its growing customer base. In addition on the digital pathways, the eStore garnered strong organic traffic results, reflected in the Google presence for both category and brand terms. Our Engine Swim listing has quickly developed sub-links on google page 1.

Engine Swim Big commerce Google Page 1

The combination of hard work in a strategic platform choice in BigCommerce, a development backbone from our internal software teams, strategic marketing and analytical prowess has turned Swim Engine e-store into a benchmark launch. No business succeeds today without savvy digital strategy, Engine is the latest in a string of launches at &Mine showcasing and setting the standard on ‘how-to’ launch eCommerce. To see the site in action visit 

Customising BigCommerce for Engine Swim  Customising BigCommerce for Engine Swim






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