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With 10 years experience in SEO services, at AndMine we are experts in creating the best SEO strategies and delivering the best organic search results for our clients. While we are focused on the long-term success of our clients, unfortunately, there are many SEO service providers out there that are more short-sighted. Before you invest in SEO, you need to make sure it is the right kind of strategy for your business and its profitability. Rather than pumping money into gaining a spike of unengaged traffic, you should be channelling your investment into a best practice SEO strategy that will drive long-term, returning and convertible traffic. And that’s exactly what we do.

Avoid ‘Black Hat’ SEO

Before you implement any sort of SEO strategy, you need to understand that there is no quick-fix for earning a sustainable high Google ranking. All services that claim they can put you at the top of search engine results overnight are not the type of services you should be employing. These ‘tricks’, known in marketing as ‘black hat’ techniques, are efforts to work around the Google Algorithm and trick Google into indexing you for more audience visibility than your brand is worth. 

You may have heard of ‘keyword stuffing’, just one example of black hat SEO. While squeezing as many keywords into your content as possible may temporarily index your website for trending keywords and cause a traffic spike, the success will be short-lived.

The first reason for this is that trending keywords change as industries evolve and the digital landscape is fast to absorb new vocabulary. So ‘stuffing’ your website with contemporary buzzwords rather than valuable content will render your SEO efforts dated and obsolete as soon as a paradigm shift occurs that penetrates the digital arena.

The second reason the success will expire is that, whether you like it or not, Google is smarter than you and will figure out what you are doing. With hundreds of updates a year, the Google Algorithm becomes more intelligent every day.

Other black hat techniques that Google is working to distinguish and punish include unqualified link building and even reporting competitors to move up the ranks. 

Managing and responding to Google Algorithm updates is an integral part of AndMine’s SEO services. So, now you know what SEO techniques not to use. It’s time to find out what best practice SEO you should be doing.

Best Practice SEO

Our goal, when we work with a client on their SEO strategy, is to optimise their website for search engines so that people can easily find them online; this will drive more traffic to their site. Google’s goal is to provide its audience with the most relevant results for their searches; this will keep Google as the most reliable search engine in the world. Using best practice SEO, these two goals are aligned: we help Google index your website and Google rewards you with great traffic. So, how do you achieve this?

Like all digital marketing, SEO no longer exists in a silo; it must be woven into the fabric of your wider digital ecosystem and considered as vital “under the hood” framework across the entire scope of your online content. When this is done properly, the Google Algorithm will be working in your favour to index your webpages highly for searches using the keywords that you have built your strategy around. By building a content strategy that focuses on what the reader or customer wants – not what Google wants – it will automatically become worthy of a high ranking.

Other than creating brilliant content, positive ways to improve your SEO strategy are to build internal links that help readers navigate your site, like this one, and external links from qualified sources that direct traffic through to your website. Social media and influencer marketing also play a huge role in SEO, with millions of global users interacting with businesses outside of their official website on various apps like Facebook and Instagram.

Building a winning, or ‘White Hat’, SEO strategy won’t happen overnight; earning a strong, organic search engine presence takes time. When executed intelligently, it will solidify your visibility and relevance in the digital environment for the long term and translate to a sustainable increase in traffic and, in turn, profitability.  


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