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This article forms part of our ‘Customising BigCommerce’ case study series. We continually impress our clients who are looking for e-store customisation by using BigCommerce as our platform of choice. In this case study, we will look at how we helped our client, Light Feet, create a digitally advanced website to increase sales and take their business global.

A Bit About ‘Light Feet’

Working as podiatrists in the ’90s, Graeme Simpson and Dan Thomas realised that nearly 80% of their patients shared similar foot and ankle problems. The duo were already aware that custom-making insoles for each patient was not cost-effective and many patients could not afford this personalised solution. In 2001, Simpson and Thomas founded Light Feet, a cheaper alternative for their patients and a viable business opportunity.

E-Store Customisation with BigCommerce

Within the first few years of business, Light Feet was already experiencing increasing sales. It became clear to the founders that they could harness their growing brand recognition and take their their products global. And thus, they launched their first e-commerce site. Despite their best digital marketing efforts, their retail model was not growing at the rate they had hoped. Experts in podiatry but not in digital, the duo sought the services of AndMine for e-store customisation and a partnership was forged.

We determined that the two key areas of focus were the creation a fully functional e-store and the sound and effective execution of digital marketing. In line with our methodologies of the four pillars of online success, we assembled teams for the key focus areas. One team developed an e-store with BigCommerce using regular and customised features and the other team worked on marketing strategy to create an online presence and social buzz.

The following features were part of the website building and e-store customisation:

  1. Stockist management and displaying of stockist address on Google Maps.
  2. Stockist search.
  3. Step-by-step custom product filter and recommendations.

The marketing strategy to promote the new website included:

  1. Viral marketing.
  2. Social media marketing for organic traffic.
  3. Content marketing for brand awareness and brand value increment.

Just months later, a fully functional e-store, which boasted unprecedented conversion rates and organic traffic in the niche product category, came to life.

Today, Light Feet serves an international customer base and has established a solid reputation.


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