Ojay BigCommerce e-store

This article forms part of our ‘Customising BigCommerce’ case study series. We continually impress our clients who are looking to digitalise their sales platform by creating a custom BigCommerce e-store.

In this case study, we will look at how we helped our client, Ojay, create a fully customised website to reflect their brand.

A Bit About ‘Ojay’

Ojay is a well-known Australian fashion brand that has expanded into global markets to reach millions of customers since launching in 1976. Ojay exclusively uses high-quality, European fabrics and designs unique fashion styles.

Development and Customisation of BigCommerce E-Store

The e-store we created for Ojay was made on BigCommerce, which has ‘custom build’ options that cater to the client’s specific website requirements. Websites built on BigCommerce are functionally superior and achieve high engagement and conversion rates, helping to increase sales. Some key highlights of using BigCommerce and customisations we did for Ojay’s e-commerce website include:

  1. Design of a fully customised template.
  2. End-to-end mobile support.
  3. AdWords integration on the website.
  4. Fully responsive site.
  5. Advanced SEO tools
  6. Blog for content marketing.
  7. WYSIWYG template editor.

We fully harnessed the inherent features and functionalities provided by BigCommerce and customised the e-store to not only reflect the brand value but also to increase customer reach. By expanding their audience and engaging them through the improved website, Ojay have benefitted from greatly improved conversion rates.

Following the success of the website development, we went on to help Ojay with customised email marketing campaigns and social media efforts.

We have worked with Ojay to maximise their digital presence through designing a functional and beautiful website, managing their social media accounts and propelling their email marketing campaigns. Since then, their sales and brand value have increased dramatically. We continue to work with Ojay through new challenges that emerge and present them with new, forward-thinking solutions.





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