AndMine’s 7 Steps to Advertising Optimisation (CRO)

7 Step Advertising Optimisation

Advertising Optimisation or CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) is more than a single point in the customer pathway. It is digital Darwinism at every possible point from the advertisement into your website and funnel.

&Mine’s been in the game for over two decades, so not only are our methods tried and tested but they’ve evolved and continued to lead as the digital landscape has. Our IP and processes are the backbone of the services we provide. Our 7 Step Advertising Optimisation process to leverage digital advertising strategies for our clients is another perfect example.

This integrates across our services, and, like all things digital, nothing sits in a silo anymore.

We know everything online is an aggressive fight to sit above the noise and make budgets work. In short – we get it – we aren’t a click company looking to spend your budget, or a marketing firm with brilliant campaign ideas. It is full end-to-end and cross pollinating your ecosystem for uplift. The on-trick ponies are out and if you want to stay in the game, you have to step it up.

So – where have our methods gotten our clients ? 100% success rates on anything we’ve touched; with uplifts up to 10 times those seen at incumbent and agencies we compete with in parallel.

&Mine’s 7 Step Advertising Optimisation process:

Step 1
To determine who the target customers and clients are for your brand, we identify key demographic groups and profile these consumers so we know exactly what they’re looking for. By researching the habits and interests of your potential customers we develop a feel for who they are and how likely they are to convert. Through CRO and split tests we observe their patterns and behaviour throughout the advertising cycle.

Step 2
By honing in on your potential customers and their behaviours we can select appropriate platforms for your ad campaign. Platforms include social media such as Instagram and Facebook, and the platforms we choose are relevant and specific to the way your target customers spend their time online. We consider how your customers are engaged in the digital landscape, because we know that different demographics spend their time online very differently. By tracking everything, we can optimise the process of  data but more importantly improve from insights; this way, user journeys are illustrated through data specific points along their path to purchase, or where they left the path. Then magnify the things that drive conversions.

Steps 3 & 4
Example; the content and creative of ads on Facebook and Instagram should be different, so we adapt ads to suit EVERY platform. All creative decisions are CRO/data-enhanced for greater ROI. The secret sauce here is our purchasing behaviour (our clients learn these tricks). With our ‘design  filters’ we achieve consistently better performance in competitive ad groups than your competitors.

Step 5
Nailing your ads is one thing, but the landing page that your ads direct consumers to is equally as important . Great ads that lead to a poor website is a disaster. We ensure that your consumers land on a pages that is amplify the purchase pathways. We consider a range of CTAs (Call to Action) and determine which would be the right fit in your case.

Step 6
We track all leads and sales conversions (and yes even in communication campaigns we adjust the goals for engagements as conversions). By gathering data at every control point we pave the way for future refinements, CRO and consistent uplift. Conversion data allows us to accurately predict what we can tweak to achieve a greater ROI for your business.

Step 7
We report on lead costs and CPA as well as Net Return so we can dissect ad and platform success. Another game-changer our Aggregation Dashboard delivers real-time data comparisons, tracking and insights. It’s where we analyse the data, establish profit benchmarks for both current and future campaigns, and importantly, it allows us to be completely transparent with our clients. We even compare if you have other companies working on your marketing, social, PR or advertising and how successful they are at their job, benchmarked into industry insights.


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