How to Build a Dynamic Business Networking Group

Connectors are people who have the ability to bring professionals from different industries together and provide them with the opportunity to collaborate and form valuable business relationships. Being a connector is a learnable skill and it is something that might not offer immediate rewards, however, overtime it can be hugely beneficial not only for your career but for your contacts as well. Building a dynamic network is about bringing the right people together and allowing them to meet in the right setting. Facilitating this process is the most important role that a connector plays.

What does a connector do?

  • Connectors are proactive in helping people with referrals and introductions.
  • They arrange for groups of people to meet – weekly dinners or get togethers.
  • They make introductions between the right people that lead to real results and benefits for everyone involved.
  • Connectors create the right space for meetings to take place – by knowing the people within the group and what they do; they know what is a suitable setting to meet in.
  • Connectors are constantly looking for information that would be useful to members of their network, whether it be articles, upcoming events etc.
  • Connectors have the ability to match people from different industries and bring people with different expertise together. This is what will add value and bring real benefit for everyone in the long run.
  • Connectors are open to mentorship and will look to introduce people who can learn from one another.

Why should you become a connector?

  • Every time you successfully connect people and create a good relationship, it reflects positively on you and enhances your reputation as a connector and a business person. Therefore, the more good introductions you make, the more beneficial it will be for yourself and your business.
  • You can grow your database of valuable contacts significantly, talk to and learn from people who are highly active in business and who are decision makers.
  • Connectors become known within numerous different industries – the more people you meet the more potential to share contacts with others.
  • You can help others to build meaningful relationships and see new business grow.

Why should you look for connectors to add to your group?

  • Connectors look to help others first and foremost, rather than working in their own self-interest. The group’s success is their success.
  • They have a large network of contacts that they are constantly looking to grow and importantly, to share.
  • Connectors can provide valuable information and opportunities (events, articles, books, companies, brand names etc.) to members of your group, specific to their interests, which might otherwise have been missed.
  • Connectors have reach to a number of different industries, which could majorly benefit your group and provide opportunity for collaboration and growth.
  • Connectors work well together – If you have a number of connectors in your group they can combine and bring even more value. It’s likely that they will have friends in common and friends that will want to work together too.
  • Good connectors are friendly, honest, generous, professional etc. They are the kind of people you want to be around and they bring a positive energy to the group.
  • As your group meets more often and people are brought together consistently, relationships strengthen, friendships grow and trust develops. This will encourage collaborations and see group members become more willing to help each other.

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