Customising BigCommerce: From Olympic To Market Gold for Engine Swim

Customising BigCommerce for Engine Swim

This article forms part of our Customising BigCommerce case study series and looks at how we successfully launched Engine Swim‘s new e-Store on a custom BigCommerce platform.

Customising BigCommerce: Engine Swim Launch

&Mine recently collaborated with Engine Swim and BigCommerce to produce another solid rollout of the leading e-Store platform. &Mine is an enterprise partner of BigCommerce and it is one of our preferred platforms to build on.

Engine Swim is one of the global leaders in the swimwear manufacturing industry. The company was founded by dual Olympian Toby Haenen and headed by triple Olympic gold medallist Andrew Lauterstein. Engine Swim’s scientifically designed and meticulously engineered swim gear is used by swimming and surfing enthusiasts and professionals in Australasia and beyond, many of whom have gone on to win multiple global championships including the Olympics. Today, Swim Engine products represent authenticity and quality in pools and on beaches.

e-Store Development

When &Mine joined hands with Swim Engine, our task was clear: promote the brand to an even larger audience, increase brand value and ensure customer satisfaction on a new e-Store platform. The choice was obvious: BigCommerce.

The e-Store was developed by customising BigCommerce, part of the extensive SaaS partner network that &Mine runs. The platform is often recommended to clients due to its robust nature, simple back-end interface and out-of-the box customisations using the BigCommerce API. There are also hundreds of standard features available on Big Commerce, deployed using their new Stencil Template Interface to generate a classic e-Commerce look that reflects ‘brand uniqueness’.

With an improved Content Management System (CMS) and user-friendly navigation, the Swim Engine e-Store is rich in functionality. Today, it serves the ever growing number of customers and helps in increasing brand value.

Harnessing Best-Practice Digital Marketing on BigCommerce and Connected Platforms

The primary cause for the success of the Engine Swim’s e-Store rests in the proper and full utilisation of digital marketing techniques and tools integrated into BigCommerce. Following &Mine’s mantras for digital success, the e-Store is easily marketed, cost-efficiently with paid targeted advertising and uses social media to increase organic traffic. Niche marketing techniques and on-platform analysis help in funnelling properous resources and providing better conversion ratio per dollar spent over time. Moreover, Engine’s own viral marketing helped generate the buzz around the brand and its business. Our core philosophy is to use the BigCommerce platform for what it does best – sell product and deliver a Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) that provides a clear profit per unit sold.

Not only was the e-Store a huge success on launch, it continues to reap the benefits of a growing customer base. With improved digital pathways, the e-Store has garnered strong organic traffic results, reflected in the Google presence for both category and brand keywords. Our Engine Swim listing has quickly developed sub-links on page 1 of Google results.

Engine Swim Big commerce Google Page 1

The combination of a strategic platform choice in BigCommerce, a development backbone from our internal software teams, strategic marketing and analytical prowess has turned the Swim Engine e-Store into a benchmark launch. No business succeeds today without savvy digital strategy; Swim Engine is the latest in a string of launches at &Mine, showcasing and setting the standard on how to launch e-Commerce. 

customising bigcommerce


customising bigcommerce

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