Digital Marketing Trends 2015 – Must Knows

MultiChannel, Mobile and Shopping

Digital marketing landscape is changing rapidly and you need someone who has hands on experience, keeps up with emerging trends and strikes the right chemistry with your business.

Did you know that Australia now ranks 3rd in digital ad spending? Among others, mobile advertising is big – so big that it outperforms both magazine and outdoor advertising sectors in Australia.

We look at some major digital trends, in no particular order, that you must know about to succeed in 2015 and beyond.

A)     Multi-Channel

Users are no longer attached to single device. They are on always on and always connected mode. We’ve all seen the shopper on their phone at grocery or in a retail store taking a photo of a product or looking another price up. A shopper may browse on mobile device one day and complete their purchase the next, say from an iPad at home (probably while watching TV). On the other hand, the purchase intent are driven by several factors, including online reviews and social media influence. Standard advertising that randomly targets through a single channel is no longer cost effective. Reaching consumers at different stages of their journey and providing multiple paths to purchase is the way to multiply your brand’s success. Get into session based tracking across Channels including Mobile, Desktop, Social and Traditional, as depending on single channel is out.

B)      Big Data

Data is expanding exponentially, with user generated content being at the heart of it all. Worldwide, close to 2 billion photos are uploaded each day. There are over 1500 points of data on the average online user gathered from platforms like Google Search, eCommerce Platforms and Social Media Activity. Luckily it is now easier to track and make sense of the data for business now than it was few years ago. We have better idea of platforms that users choose. Real-time automated tracking of your consumer communication is now in-built into core platforms and third party tools for greater depth. For millennials and future generations, personalisation over privacy is looking like the trend, supported entirely by big-data strategy; your job as a service or product provider is to leverage data and build trust into the pre-purchase communications.

C)      SEM + SEO + Social 

The 3 S’s. Search is no longer about 10 blue results on a page. Social is no longer about posting updates. As search (and social) engines get more intelligent, there are increasingly more results now than traditional / organic SEO results. There are paid ads, knowledge graphs, local search, product results, social signals and much more as Google (and others) keep improving their algorithms to become more human. As multiple factors affect a user’s query, it becomes complex yet essential to provide relevancy to your customers and make your brand(s) stand out in Search. A combination of well tested SEM and SEO for ROI is the only way to ensure your keeping up with the latest in advertising. This is complicated further by the content marketing mix, now effectively SEO (organic search traffic) combined with a smart social strategy, they work hand in hand. This is not like traditional channels evolving like Radio, Print and TV where a simple cost meant a simple reach and you can pay later to get involved without missing too much. The ability to track every click to a conversion means you now need to have a good to excellent understanding of conversion optimisation inside your business, or you won’t keep up with the competitiveness of new digital marketing.

D)     Mobile

Mobile strategy is a necessity for business of all sizes. Mobile and tablet are taking over desktop traffic for every industry. On mobile devices, games and social media get most user time and engagement, followed closely by first lands on your website which are increasingly from mobile devices. Apps are booming with more and more users preferring mobile apps to mobile web. While the barrier to apps is downloading them, location awareness and personalisation provides big advantages, not to mention the trust once users are integrated into them. The trick with a mobile app is not to be swept up in the fluffy excitement of the space, and know whether you need a mobile app or just stick to mobile web. Either way you don’t have to look but across the room to see someone on a mobile device, pretty much in every setting. So if you don’t have a strong mobile strategy, once again you’ll be falling well behind the competition, but worse, your not meeting you clients and customers expectations. Scary Mobile Fact, Worldwide, Kim Kardasian’s app is generating over 800k per day in in-app purchases (IAP) where you can buy things like virtual photoshoots and handbags to show off (its a brave new world our kids will grow up in)… Clash of Clans – generates over $2.5 Million dollars a day… Unbelievable… see the table below for the US based iOS data alone (not worldwide and not Android / Google Play)… check out more regions from

Top 10 – Daily Revenue from iOS Games USA, IAP and New Users


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