Take Advice From SEO Emails?

As a former (and current) small business operator, I’ve had my share of daily e-marketing emails (plus the occasional phone call) coming from Indian and other overseas-based companies promising “Google First Page”, or more recently, “Thousands of Facebook Likes for $1.”

Get Found on Google! (How did you find me in the first place? Pretty sure my keywords already headline page 1 buddy.) Not only are these generic approaches un-researched, poorly written and yet another inbox distraction we don’t need, they make the jobs of digital agencies, who are specialists in helping small business, much harder.

I’ve spoken with small business owners (ie. gold cutlery hire) who feel owning a website is a scam- designed to drain money on a monthly basis following an initial excessive outlay. Harassed constantly, they are reluctant to consider the possibility of unleashing the power of online in business development and customer service and retention- an unfortunate legacy.

I’ve spoken with those who have websites or social media who are not just annoyed with the inbox pollution due to e-marketing emails, but become confused about whether these approaches hold merit- is my website or fan-page useless? Does it need improving?

I have 2 pieces of advice- research, or trash.

If an unwanted email frustrates you, trash it and forget it.

If something you read perks your curiosity or concern, research the topic through friends, colleagues, Google, or through a digital agency. Do some reading- there’s PLENTY of material out there, and many success stories for reassurance.

Digital professionals are also more than happy to answer questions from business owners, and help them decide for themselves the best strategy for when it comes to building their online profile and visibility. It’s a certain wayย to be guaranteed a professional and transparent approach, and avoidย the ‘salesmen’.

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