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We recently wrote and had a lot of feedback on our post Do I Need A Competition Permit in Australia. Many requests came from clients wanting to run a Electronic Random Draw Competition (as apposed to a game of chance). So we wrote the software and have formally received  Approval of our Electronic Drawing System (Lottery and Gaming Regulations 2008 Regulations 30(fa) and 31(h).

This means, if you are running a competition or trade promotion which selects a random winner in Australia, you can now use AndMine to select that winner for your organisation. The process is simple, we accept CSV files or Excel files and can run the random draw for you, OR can provide access to our software either using a file upload or via an API so you can select winners automatically. Please contact us for further information and note all individual uses of our licence need to be pre-arranged with AndMine.

AUTHORISATION: To draw trade promotion lotteries electronically subject to and in accordance with the Lottery and Gaming Regulations 2008

Random Trade Promotion Electronic Draw System

For more information, please see our article on Running a Trade Promotion / Competition in Australia.

  1. Fernando Loaiza Said :
    "Hi, I am exploring running a monthly facebook competition where fans share a video and register for a chance to win a 3 day holiday in Australia (Victoria) no purchase is necessary, only like and share as well as registering for the competition by completing a short survey. The goal would be to run these once a month. Can you advise what permits if any are required. where can I access terms and conditions to include for the free competition? thank you in advance"
    • Michael Simonetti Said :
      "Hi Fernando, As this isn’t a trade promotion (where a purchase is required), it may fall under a raffle or likely a simple giveaway; Contact your state licensing and gambling office for more info they will be able to assist."
  2. Kate Said :
    "Looking at running a "sign up to our email newsletter to go into the draw to win a free product" comp. Will aim to draw and announce the winner monthly, and the product is valued at $180. Permits for NSW and ACT only...? Is there such thing as a permit for an ongoing monthly draw?"
    • Michael Simonetti Said :
      "Hi - You can request a permit for the duration of the competition - let’s say your running them weekly for 2018 - your permit T&Cs should reflect this."
  3. Jad Said :
    "Hi Michael, I am to operate a website, where user will pay to play a game of pure skill and if they win at the game they will be eligible to win a cash prize of $2,000. The prize winner will be selected by random draw. Is this legal? Do I need a license for this? Many thanks for your help!! Jad"
    • Michael Simonetti Said :
      "Hi Jad That doesn’t sound like a trade promotion (where the entry is dependent on a purchase of another product). Speak to your state licensing and gambling office to find out how to classify this, but likely yours will be some form of gambling."
  4. Mariah Said :
    "Hi, I'm looking to run a competition where passengers on my trip are able to win back the cost of their trip as credit to be used towards another trip in the future. They are eligible to enter simply if they fill out a feedback form. The winner will then be selected at random. What kind of competition does this come under, as they have to submit something, even if that submission is not being judged, is it still game of chance/lottery? Do I need to provide proof that the winner has been randomly selected? Thank you for your help!"
    • Michael Simonetti Said :
      "Hi Mariah, this is certainly a trade promotion and game of chance, you'll need permits to run this in Australia which will include providing proof that the winner has been selected at random."
  5. Michael Slevin Said :
    "Hi I want to run a competition to win a 60k car but you have to buy a $5 ticket and the odds are very high to win. So it would end up like a raffle one ticket gets pulled and the winner wins the 60k car. Would this be possible to do this Thanks in advance"
    • Michael Simonetti Said :
      "Hi Michael, this falls more under a Raffle than a trade promotion. I'd recommend contacting your state gaming and licensing to discuss the competition and see if you need a permit."
  6. Linda Loxton Said :
    "Running a small competition within a group on facebook - guess what's in the picture. It is usually a camouflaged animal. So I would think this is skill, to pinpoint the animal; but taking the first correct answer - is that skill, to be first to reply? Or is that chance being first to have seen the post?"
    • Michael Simonetti Said :
      "Definitely a Game of Skill Linda, so no permits required. Great idea for a comp, make sure you send us a link to enter!"

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