Newman Biotech – Case Study

Newman Biotech’s brief for &Mine was to design a professional and informative website that would assist  their future expansion into overseas markets. The demographic was potential customers – global pharmaceutical companies, and the goal was to mirror their leadership in innovative technology as well as visual design.

Newman Biotech: The Challenge

The main challenge for this project, as Newman had never had a website prior, was to build an incredible design and include  animation across the website that was highly functional, while optimised for mobile and desktop (of course!).

Newman Biotech: The Result

Since this was the first ever step into the digital realm for Newman , there wasn’t anything that had to be re-vamped. &Mine’s role in the project, essentially, was to start everything from scratch to ensure that Newman Biotech could kick-start the company’s digital footprint with a clean and contemporary website. &Mine conducted extensive background research into understanding the company’s background, the products themselves (the likes of Animal Sera, Protein, Raw Material for enzyme extraction) and who the main competitors were for Newman Biotech.

All the information collected then had to be transcribed for end-user level understanding, as well as potential consumers (other Biotech and Pharmaceutical organisations), showcasing the important role that Newman plays in this industry. The overall result hit the functional requirements of simplicity matched to Newman Biotech’s audience and market, while showcasing ‘wow‘ motion creative using a clean and simple aesthetic.

Newman Biotech: An Andmine Case Study

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