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BigCommerce eStore McArthur Skincare

This article forms part of our ‘Customising BigCommerce’ case study series. We continually impress our clients who are looking to digitalise their sales platform by creating customised e-Stores using BigCommerce software. In this case study we look at how we helped McArthur Skincare build up their e-Commerce website and improve their sales.


The founders of McArthur Skincare first observed local villagers using Pawpaw on their skin in the remote rainforests of Borneo. The Australian owned and operated company’s goal exists to distribute McArthur Skincare products around the world, ‘to help as many people as possible with their skin, general body and hair care needs’.

McArthur Skincare &Mine

McArthur Skincare joined the &Mine family of clients for the end-to-end development of a new e-Store to help them achieve their goal of distributing products on a global scale. They have established themselves as a leading producer of Pawpaw and Papaya skincare products and in order to increase their capacity to sell internationally and move a larger number of products meant that they needed to upgrade their e-Store; aesthetically, in functionality and regarding back-end reporting. McArthur has complemented their strategic digital marketing campaign by utilising a customised and highly optimise BigCommerce e-Store.

Key features of the build

Developed by customising BigCommerce, the key features of the McArthur Skincare e-Store include:

  1. Customised dynamic menu that enables product sorting in various categories (eg. shop by body therapeutic need; shop by product type; shop by intended use).
  2. Synchronisation of the products and their details between APP and BigCommerce.
  3. Custom single point inventory control.
  4. Customised CMS solutions and functionality.
  5. Customisation of Reporting and Logistics Management.
  6. Customisation of the Shipping Matrix and Dynamic Pricing.
  7. MEGA menus and drop downs.
  8. ERP integration
  9. Full Sketch Template rebuild and UX design
  10. Complete UX overhaul and customer purchase pathway UI

McArthur are now one of the leading eCommerce websites in Australia with a multimillion dollar transactional website designed and built by the team at &Mine.

BigCommerce eStore McArthur Skincare


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