Online and Offline Business Strategy

Online and Offline Business Strategy

There is no point working Online if it doesn’t effect your Offline (Real World) Business. We connect Online and Offline Business Strategy  to enhance results for our clients as part of our Business Strategy Services.

What is an Online and Offline Business Strategy?

An online and offline business strategy ensures cohesion between your digital campaign and your business in the real world. The concept of connecting online to real world outcomes allows your overall business objectives to be synchronised, amplified and therefore optimised.

Online and Offline Business Strategy &Mine

Rather than thinking of the landscape as Online vs. Traditional, at AndMine we know that the two work best when they are parallelled and complementary to each other. We create tight campaigns for our clients, so that your website, social media platforms and other digital elements are aligned with your physical store, products and traditional advertising. More importantly, we consider how your digital campaign can achieve real results. By tracking data and making intelligent refinements to your campaign, we magnify high-performing elements and adjust aspects that aren’t working. Our tried and tested methods deliver results; the end goal is to always achieve a healthy ROI.

The entire Digital Landscape is still rapidly evolving and it is vital that your strategy maintains the pace of the constant changes in the digital sphere. Unlike traditional advertising, digital innovations and platforms are always popping up and we make sure our clients remain ahead of the pack by leveraging on trends.

Seriously test us on this – if you are not aggressive in digital, you’ll fall behind basic startups. For more information on how we can help you mirror your traditional real world success in the digital sphere, get in touch now.

While Online and Offline Business Strategy forms one aspect of your digital ecosystem nothing online sits in a silo. &Mine's in-house team now delivers 161 services; Avoid costly mistakes and #WIN online. Read our expert articles, or - and you’ll get

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Sometimes you meet people who just ‘get’ what your up to and are on your wave length, Michael, Alan, Nick and the rest of the AndMine team were these kind of people. He agreed on the spot to provide us with all the web and development support we would need. After our website design, the AndMine team worked crazy hard to build it and have continued to provide ongoing support and advice as the competition continues to evolve. We seriously can’t thank them enough for their help this year, we truly look forward to working with them in the future. - Positive Posters

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&Mine Laboratory

&Mine team is a melting pot of technology and creative minds. Each year, we slice a few percent of our bandwidth to develop our own commercial projects. For example, we have developed a prototype Posture Detector with the help of Melbourne University's Engineering Department that will send signals to your smartphone and vibrate if your posture is poor. We are also improving our suite of cloud based software applications like Meet&Mine, our Networking Software. During its first year gathering data, it referred over half a million dollars of real business for a small Melbourne network group. If you’d like to know more about our laboratory projects and how you can get involved in capital raising, marketing or support, simply contact us.

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