Keyword Matrix and Selecting The Right SEO Keywords

SEO Keywords and Keyword Matrix AndMine

Generating a keyword matrix and selecting the right SEO keywords is part of our SEO agency services offering as an end-to-end digital agency.

What is a Keyword Matrix?

A keyword matrix is one of the first things to consider when developing an SEO strategy. Keyword matrices provide you with a comprehensive overview of what keywords other brands in your industry are targeting in their web content and which they are ranking for in search engines. This knowledge is incredibly valuable; it directly helps you select the right keywords for your brand and its organic traffic goals, budget and business growth.

Selecting The Right SEO Keywords with AndMine

When we work with clients to identify target SEO keywords, it all starts with an open discussion. We learn your market, brand, goals and budget and foster an honest approach to what kind of keywords you should be considering.

First, we put together a formal brief that details clear goals and objectives from both parties. Then, we progress to generating a keyword matrix. This accounts for competitor analysis and lays out what is realistically achievable in terms of SEO results, taking your budget and internal resources into consideration. The keyword matrix has primary, secondary and tertiary targets which can be used as a mixture to drive SEO content writing. We talk through the decision on keywords we are chasing in terms of their statistics for opportunity as well as how they talk to your brand and category.

Through our keyword matrix analysis and communications, we create a recommendations proposal around keywords that tie in well to your overall SEO strategy. A separate keyword matrix can be produced for paid search to optimise advertising spend, too. In both cases, the aim is to select valuable keywords that will attract valuable traffic.

Generating Quality Traffic for Business Growth

We are dedicated to providing our clients with the best results digital can harness. So, once the right keywords have been identified, we work with you to produce SEO content using best practice SEO techniques.

We track the impact of the newly interwoven keywords through SEO reporting, analytics and insights and identify the high-performing keywords. We understand that high traffic volume doesnโ€™t necessarily translate to growth and ensure that we focus on quality over quantity. Through a focused and conservative approach, we intelligently set up an SEO strategy that will generate the best ROI and promote long-term traffic and long-term growth.

If you’re looking to improve your SEO strategy using the latest digital intellect,ย simply get in touch.

While Keyword Matrix and Selecting The Right SEO Keywords forms one aspect of your digital ecosystem nothing online sits in a silo. &Mine's in-house team now delivers 161 services; Avoid costly mistakes and #WIN online. Read our expert articles, or - and youโ€™ll get

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