3rd Party Tools for Google Shopping Optimization

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Its true that optimizing data feed is the key for enhancing shopping campaigns. Digital marketing is all about establishing smart and standardized product catalog. Integrating them with e-commerce sites like Google, Amazon, Tiktok, etc. is another task. But making it easy and hustle free is another great tactic. The quality of product data within the feed determines the performance of ads and its visibility on Google features. It gets difficult to optimize manually each product data for a large set of product feed. Getting help from third-party tools that specialize in the optimization for shopping feed help to improve the structure. They find out mismatched data, control the budget spend and other aspects to align with the policies and requirements.

You can find a number of tools out there which can help you optimize better and faster. The tools are available easily into big platforms like Kenshoo, Marin, Doubleclick, and more. The largest advertisers help with the campaigns depending on their scales to get something big from the investment. Based on the experience and state of campaigns, its tough for mid-sized advertisers to get ROI from larger platforms.


Optymyzr is a PPC optimization platform that gives tools and insights to execute strategies for any accounts. It is the tool that helps with overall campaign optimization without wasting your time on repetitive tasks. This tool also gives you free trail period of 14 days with full access of its features.


  1. Paid keyword optimization : Optimyzr has a very efficient system of removing wasteful words and finding new keywords. It has a smart part in which the negative keyword finder goes via your search term report. It then, aggregates the keyword data to find out any possible negative keywords. The another cool part of this tool is that it doesn’t just identify any unnecessary keyword. Rather it also drags it down to the lowest common denominator. After finding out search queries with no conversions that includes a specific attribute, it recommends to exclude the search terms and specific phrase as well.

2. Bid adjustment and Budget Management: This side tool supports you to optimize bidding in mobile ads, adjust them on hourly or daily basis. You can pause and stop ads, ad groups, keywords, or campaigns when a spending threshold is reached. staying within your budget with flexible spending settings.

Since Optimyzr gives you full control over bidding process, you can start from automate the bids and alternatively you can automate bids based on target position, return on ad spend (ROAS), or target cost per action (CPA).

Bid adjustment

3. Campaign Management and conversion tracking: Optimyzr has a very unique tool called Campaign Automator, which supports you to optimize and update your data input. The tool provides you a full room for creating campaigns, make bulky updates using multiple templates based on product attributes, promotional status, condition, category, and more. The tool also supports you to automate the advertising based on innovatory basis and offer various promotions to the exact right customers.

4. PPC reporting: Optimyzr helps you to keep the reports of your PPC accounts and monitor them so that you can make necessary changes if needed on time. You can even schedule your reporting daily, weekly and even monthly.

Your data report can be monitored and optimized in a variety of different ways, including:

  • Word clouds
  • Geo heatmaps
  • Hour-of-week performance
  • Quality Score calculations


Adalysis is another PPC management tool that boosts conversions in less time and budget with automation for both Google Ads and Bing Ads. Even though there are a lot of automation and data scans, the ultimate controlling will always be in your hands. Through Adalysis, you can customize ad testing, find new search term patterns that need to be excluded, view Quality Score trends, and tell visual data stories with the Performance Analyzer.

This particular third party tool supports you to test millions of ads, analyze Quality Score trends, monitor KPIs, get custom alerts, manage duplicate keywords and queries, find where Google isn’t serving your ads correctly, see keyword conflicts and study in-depth reporting. It also comes with free trial of 14 days.


1.Ad testing : The main purpose of Adalysis is to review the ads. With Adalysis you can review all your ads in your entire account and pause losing ad variations by the click of a button. This alone is worth the cost of the tool. And this is a huge time saver for you.

Ad testing

2.Account Alerts: This tool also facilitates your business to have a prepared a to-do-list automatically for you. It also provides notifications on critical issues. Another amazing feature is that it fixes or applies changes with a single button click. Setting up personalized alerts and rules to track what’s important to you makes your business more profoundly into your control.

3. N- Gram Search term analysis: Adalysis has an integrated N-Gram Search Term analyzer. An n-gram is basically aggregating the metrics for each word inside a search term. The main use for this is to quickly analyze specific words across your entire listing. Since there isn’t any filter for what keywords to show, it will show all data and lets you make your own decisions from there.

3.Bid and Budget Management :

Adalysis provides you stages to enhance your bidding strategy with bid suggestions and built-in trackers. You are provided with bidding attributes even when using automated bidding plans. Suggested bid adjustments for demographics, location, devices, audiences and ad schedules are updated daily. You can view heatmaps for ad schedules bidding decisions hourly and track the impact of change in your bid without any rush.

4. Campaign Creation, Campaign Management, and Conversion tracking : Adalysis provides you one of the speedy way to have your campaigns run up. It helps you form multiple numbers of campaigns in few seconds from data uploaded.

This is a great way to utilize a complete package of various creative ad forming tools and a proper time-saving SKAG building tools.

Data Feed Watch

This tool hyper boosts your online availability by its outstanding feature of uncomplicated and automated feed-work to support you grow your sales on online channels through making ads your customers involve with. DataFeedWatch is the feed optimization platform that connects feed with a shopping channel, optimizes the feed and monitors performance mappings and adjusts accordingly. You will get 15 days free trial days for its use. Till date it has supported over 15,000 online shops in 60 countries, on 2000+ channels.


1.Campaign and ROI tracking and analytics : DFW provides you better experience in campaigning and analytics by allowing you to identify and omit unprofitable products in just 20 seconds. It adds tracing/ routing code to your product-URLs asking you to install one line of additional Google Analytics java script to your site. That provides it the ability to trace information on product level. After downloading your Google Analytics-data, this tool presents all performance data per product in a simple synopsis.

2. Price Watch Tool : Price Watch is a technology that allows you to detect your fellow sellers’ prices for the same products you’re selling. It supports your business in this challenging arena by providing a more inclusive feed marketing option. This tool allows you to check 1000 products and provides 2 updates per week. 

Once your products are identified and matched, the Price Watch Open Beta tool collects the pricing data. It downloads the essential data and categorizes them into several scales giving them sound presentation in a structured way.

3.Automated Google search ads : Your Google Text Ads and Campaigns will be created automatically for every item in your product feed based on your data feed. It automatically creates an ad group with unique keywords per each product taking the sources from the product title or another attribute.

4.Feed Review to check and fix errors: This tool makes room for you to identify the missing points and notifies if there are any data errors and mistakes. Is not it a boon to know all your lacking data and troubleshoot them in just a few minutes?

DFW finds out if any field that does not have added data. For example, if you have kept an blank title or description. It also checks if the GTIN number is valid or not. If you have a duplicate GTIN or MPN, the identifier will be shown as faulty one thus, reminds you to check for barcodes and SKUs. The tools also takes care of identifying valid ISBN and UPI.


Feednomics is another genuine Google shopping feed management platform that helps to drive more sales on Google shopping which works for you to optimize and syndicate the data. The way it works is that you just need to write “code” which makes it much easier and faster to find what you’re seeking for.


1.Constant A/B testing: Feedonomics has its own A/B testing intelligence tool named as FeedTelligence. It automatically compares your Google Shopping feed to actual converted search terms and identifies missing words for title and description. Using FeedGrader™, this tech idea incorporates your entire feed for opportunities to improve for channels like Google Shopping and Amazon.

2. Notifications and Alerts of errors: This technology identifies the error threshold in your feed and notifies you. It has an instinctive approach of checking your Google Merchant Center account twice a day.

3. Intuitive User Interface: The Feedonomics user interface is designed to automate the feed process. It also provides easy access to other useful functions and features. The navigation menu guides you through the process from left to right. Making you create exact and clean order, thus manages your feed.

4. Dynamic text Ad Campaign builder : The Feedonomics uses Adwords APIs for ad customizers to make sure your text ads. This makes sure that they are always in reach with your product feed. It leads you to avoid ad spend on products that are out of availability.


GoDataFeed is the product specialised for optimation of feed for full compliance. It also supports you get the products listed across the web to save time and effort.


1. Compatibility: Godatafeed has integration among more than 200channels which include Google, Instagram, Facebook, ebay, Amazon, Pinterest, Walmart and many more. This manifests huge compatibility of Godatafeed over the contemporary tech niche providing 14 days free trial session.

2. Modification option : When you establish your product feed, you are expected to insert the data required. During optimization, this tool provides your feed enough options for further edition and modification. The diverse data modification options provide you a whole large section for optimization and data customization.

For further more informational articles, keep on visiting our site https://www.andmine.com/.

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