A Case Study on our Motion Graphics Video Animation for Victoria Government.

&Mine have already worked on Vic Gov’s Family Violence website redevelopment and successfully launched the new section of their website with bespoke web and design features. The opportunity soon arose for us to work across a new Motion Graphics Video Animation campaign for the Family Violence project; read this case study to find out how we created this impactful motion graphic.

The Brief

The brief from the client was to create a short animation to introduce to the general public the “Free From Violence” campaign, Victoria’s strategy to end family violence. The video was to be distributed on social media channels and included on their website.

The Objective

AndMine’s objective was to encapsulate the complexity of Vic Gov’s “10 year action plan” in the short motion graphic. The video needed to be engaging and educational enough to ignite interest and concern in viewers to encourage people to watch and, crucially, share the video.

The Process

The client provided our team with a draft of the animation’s script that outlined the campaign’s content, message and tone of voice. We brainstormed and built upon this to craft a creative storyboard that clearly illustrated the animation concept and our suggested design direction.

Video Animation AndMine


A few meetings, tweaks and refinements later, we had created a high-fidelity storyboard that depicted the final screens and detailed a refreshed script, refined by our in-house copywriters to create maximum impact on social media.


motion graphics andmine

The Challenge

Of course, the project was not without its challenges. The main hurdle our team faced was in identifying a fitting animation design style and tone of voice to approach and communicate such a sensitive topic appropriately. Our in-house team worked strategically to create motion graphics that were social media- and viewer-friendly and would educate and inspire around the topic of ending family violence.

The Result

The result of our hard work is a 1’37” animated video for Vic Gov which we are extremely proud to have produced. It delicately but clearly puts forward the modern challenges that today’s society is facing around family violence and details exactly how they are being addressed. The video presents human diversity, a core requirement for Vic Gov, and we ensured this was clearly conveyed through our bespoke and varied avatars.

The Feedback

The client was happy with the final animation and benefited not only from AndMine’s production of the motion graphics but also from our strategic and creative input. The video can now be seen live on the Vic Gov website and on their YouTube channel.


Interested in working with AndMine for an animation project? Get in touch.

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