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Off Site SEO Strategy AndMine

Off Site SEO strategy is one area of AndMine’s SEO agency services that we provide as an end-to-end digital agency.

What is Off Site SEO Strategy?

While your on site SEO strategy includes everything you do on your own website to make sure you are ranking highly in Google, off site SEO strategy refers to all your SEO efforts outside of your own web domain.

Google’s algorithm strives to constantly and accurately evaluate online content. This is so that the search results generated can be the most relevant and valuable possible. In order to do this effectively, Google analyses content based on a complex list of elements and variables. One of the criteria looks at how the entire digital landscape interacts with your content.

So, while you may have the most beautiful website in the world with exciting or informative content, if no one is reading, sharing and promoting it, Google won’t value it highly. The reason behind this is that if you actually did have beautiful, exciting and informative content, it would be getting shared. Therefore, much of executing an effective off site SEO strategy revolves around earning inbound links and brand mentions from reputable sources.

Offsite SEO Content Strategy AndMine

At AndMine we know that the best way to get your content shared and generate SEO ‘link juice’ is to write brilliant content – that and having great relationships.

So, when we work with clients to boost off site SEO, we actively incorporate a winning SEO content strategy and share content with influencers who are likely to propel your readership. There are infamous black hat techniques which aim to cut corners by relying on unstable link farms to generate the illusion of inbound links; but, of course, Google’s algorithm has now outsmarted this. We have always stuck to white hat SEO techniques that rely on building real, valuable and lasting links and this is always our strategic focus. 

Another way of getting sources to link back to your own site is to offer to guest blog for them. When doing this, you can include your brand either in the blog copy itself or in your author profile. Not only will this bump up your Google ranking, it will of course help your brand reach new audiences. So, it’s a win-win for your business.

Getting your content shared within various target groups has been made easier than ever through digital. We make effective use of platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter that are teeming with users hungry for great content. The more people we can targeted through social, the more people are likely to read, like and re-share your content.

Turning Off Site Awareness into Online Success

With your off site SEO strategy underway and your inbound links growing on a monthly basis, your brand awareness, traffic and Google ranking will be slowly but steadily improving. We set realistic timeframes and expectations for our clients in terms of measurable results and always discuss progress and possible strategy adaptations for improved results. Off site search engine optimisation can be a lengthy ordeal but, with concentrated efforts and patience, it will be well worth your investment when your digital presence grows to become worthy of a high Google ranking.


Looking to boost your Google ranking through an off site SEO strategy? Let’s talk about it.

While Off Site SEO Strategy forms one aspect of your digital ecosystem nothing online sits in a silo. &Mine's in-house team now delivers 142 services; Avoid costly mistakes and #WIN online. Read our expert articles, or lets talk - and you’ll get honest and direct answers right away.

  • It is great working with such a dedicated and competent team in this ever changing space and I would highly recommend Michael and his work. - Stephanie Clayton, Marketing Services Manager, Ego Pharmaceuticals

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