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This case study looks at how we worked with Bondi Sands, Australia’s number one self-tanning brand, on a UX redesign project for their website.

The Challenge

Bondi Sands is a well-known brand with great products that the Australian market has already fallen in love with. Their social media presence, including the Bondi Sands Instagram page, is built on a highly influential and engaging strategy. To reflect the strength of the brand and stay ahead of industry competition, they needed a website that was digitally sound.

The Goal

The aim of the project was to bring the Bondi Sands eCommerce and Digital Ecosystem up to a standard that not only met customer expectations but exceeded them. Through a more fluid and enjoyable experience, customers would be more likely to either complete the purchase journey on the website or, convinced by their online brand experience, convert in store.  

Our Method

The AndMine team identified various areas of the Bondi Sands website that could be targeted for improvement to achieve the desired outcome for the website UX redesign. The areas we worked on included the following:

  • Design; the site needed to be more visually appealing – this was especially important given the industry
  • Mobile responsive; the website was not optimised for mobile, a platform where many target customers would be researching and/or buying the products
  • Desktop responsive; many eCommerce transactions still happen on desktop, so the site needed to be fully optimised to convert this traffic
  • Consistent branding; Bondi Sands had three websites for different geolocations which needed to be streamlined in terms of brand consistency for stronger brand awareness
  • Customer pathways; the website needed a way to direct regular customers and professional customers to the correct, respective journeys on the website
  • Ordering process; the products needed to be filtered by location per customer
  • Ordering system; the ordering system needed improvement
  • Reporting; the website needed regular reporting set up for overview and maintenance
  • Back-end fixes; necessary website fixes included broken code and API changes

The AndMine worked hard to transform the already highly customised website into a highly optimised one and presented Bondi Sands with their new, digitally advanced website.

With beautiful design, improved UX and a strong back-end structure, the new website was now on a level that matched the brand’s reputation. The launch was smooth and successful and the website was well received by loyal customers.

Measuring Success

AndMine is dedicated to achieving maximum digital optimisation for maximum client satisfaction. We continued to work with Bondi Sands post-launch to test and tweak the site where necessary. We also followed up on user growth and increasing sales figures to ensure that our website redevelopment was helping them achieve their business goals

See The Website UX Redesign

Don’t just take out word for it. Check out the new and improved Bondi Sands website and experience the user journey for yourself.  


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