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esg commitments

AndMine has long been committed to upholding high standards of corporate sustainability and ethics, clearly reflected in our ESG commitments. Our dedication to being an environmentally friendly agency is felt in the way we operate internally and in the way we help our clients become greener companies. Our focus on the social responsibility aspect of the corporate world is notable in our unwavering commitment to being an equal opportunity employer and in the way we collaborate with not-for-profit companies. Finally, our corporate governance policy ensures we comply with all state and nationwide legislation and regulations, allowing us to maintain stable growth through intelligent business relationships across intellectual property, legal, finance, research, government and development.

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We decided to make the commitment and drop Traditional Marketing like Yellow pages and trial AndMine's Website Development, Design and Email Marketing Services. We never looked back and business is always booming. We certainly would not have been able to grow our business to where it is today without AndMine. - Monika & Ellen, The Depskin Centre

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&Mine Laboratory

&Mine team is a melting pot of technology and creative minds. Each year, we slice a few percent of our bandwidth to develop our own commercial projects. For example, we have developed a prototype Posture Detector with the help of Melbourne University's Engineering Department that will send signals to your smartphone and vibrate if your posture is poor. We are also improving our suite of cloud based software applications like Meet&Mine, our Networking Software. During its first year gathering data, it referred over half a million dollars of real business for a small Melbourne network group. If you’d like to know more about our laboratory projects and how you can get involved in capital raising, marketing or support, simply contact us.

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