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AndMine is a Melbourne-based digital SEO agency that offers a wide range of digital and creative services, including SEO services.

What is SEO? 

Search Engine Optimisation, SEO, is an integral part of any digital ecosystem. It is more than just ranking on the first page of Google and goes beyond quickly increasing website traffic. It is the consistent optimisation of your online marketing strategy to benefit from organic and relevant traffic from search engines. With search being the number one driver of traffic to content sites*, prioritising and effectively executing SEO are paramount for success in our digital age.

SEO AndMine

With more than a decade of experience providing services in the SEO space, AndMine are experts in helping brands establish a strong digital presence and achieve the best qualified organic results. With a depth of understanding of the relationship between SEO and digital success, we are committed to building lasting and future-proof SEO campaigns.

We know that the digital landscape is innovating fast and we adapt our SEO methods to stay ahead of the curve. We work intelligently to monitor and analyse the ever-evolving Google Algorithm and refine our SEO strategies to remain frontrunners in SEO services.

Our approach is grounded in best practice SEO techniques and we strictly avoid ‘black hat’ SEO tactics which makes us the best SEO agency in Australia.

How Our SEO Services Are Different

To make sure we stand out as the experts in our field and deliver the best results to our clients, we push the boundaries by making intelligent choices and employing innovative thinking in everything we do.

We work closely with our clients to understand who your target audience are and what keywords they are searching for on Google. After analysing the data, we develop a bespoke SEO strategy to index your content and bring you not only more traffic, but more of the right traffic.

We differ from other SEO agency not just in our adherence to long-term goals and sustainable outcomes but in the way we monitor success. Quantifying traffic derived from an SEO campaign is easy. It is our commitment to qualifying the traffic where we thrive. We understand the importance of turning traffic into conversions – which is why we test everything.

By analysing and tweaking SEO campaigns, we continue to develop our data-driven strategy until it is reaping the right results: profitable and consistent ROI. We understand business and the type of high-level conversion rate that increases leads and sales, turning a good SEO campaign into a wildly successful SEO campaign.

Throughout the process of working with our clients, we foster open and honest conversations to make sure you always know what is going on. We believe this transparency is vital for a successful working relationship – even if it means we have to tell you when it’s not working out.

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  • Metricon recently worked with AndMine on a major online brand promotion. We were impressed with AndMine’s thinking from concept stage through to campaign execution. We would not hesitate to brief AndMine again on future projects. - Yvonne Abood, Marketing Manager, Metricon Homes

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