Going Offline for Easter!

Please Join Me in Going … Offline for Easter!

In the last decade, I’m sure many of us have gone from quite pleasant downtime on weekends or long weekends, where we recharged the batteries from our business life, to a rapidly increasing reliance on staying connected and being on. I do this to stay on top of emails, research or flesh out ideas, pitches and props for the week ahead. We now have a pope that tweets, Bieber bashing on our social networks plus alerts, meetings, emails and calendar requests buzzing away in our pockets. Not to mention taking work home on our smart phones.

With the twins soon turning 2 (wow time flies), juggling work and thinking a lot about exercising, I’ve been well behind in my parenting and husbanding which is something I absolutely love and feel like I’m missing a bit.

So I’m going completely off grid for 2 days. And for someone who saw around 50,000 emails last year plus religiously checked social and RSS feeds, it’s a big deal… I’m having withdrawals thinking how I’m going to miss the result of my ebay sale not to mention the few hundred emails I’ll be behind on. But I figure God, or more likely the government, has given me a grace period, Easter Monday to catch up. So join me in connecting the old fashioned way (minus the round dial wall phone but possibly plus vinyl); plan the weekend in advance, call relatives, family and friends beforehand and kiss your smart phone, laptop, tablet, desktop, TV and any other data driven device #OFF.

Timing? I’m kicking off “last supper style” Thursday night and coming back online Sunday morning, when the Easter bunny shows up – which will be me soon enough! If you can hold out till Sunday night or even Monday then I have a 1 and Like ready for you (I can guarantee I won’t last past Sunday).

So from the AndMine team and the #Fam, Have a happy, relaxing, life filled long weekend – and if you’re joining me “Going Offline for Easter” let me know how it went (afterwards of course, not during… unless I bump into you)

– Michael (and hopefully many more of the team!)Β #OfflineForEaster

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