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Melrose has been a leader in the health food industry in Australia for nearly 40 years. In 2017 new opportunities presented themselves, which would extend the reach of Melrose in Australia and globally, so it was the perfect time to relaunch the entire brand and build them an eCommerce Website – repositioning Melrose as a globally recognised branded and eCommerce organisation.

After an initial project where we worked on the brand refresh, a slight update to the melrose logo curves and adding the leaf element above the ‘o’ which will be centre to the style guide elements:

Next was new packaging for key product ranges. The task was to clearly build out a range that could be held up globally and provide a WOW factor vs. any other health food packaging, look incredible on shelf, be consistent across the key ranges and provide the pride factor when sitting on one of their customers pantry shelfs (or dinner tables)… So no small task. Did we hit the mark? Let us know what you think… Does it pass the pantry test? Here are our initial creative concepts below:

 Packaging Design

Melrose Range Packaging Design

(Above: concepts getting near completion stage – you’ll be seeing this design pathway on shelf soon).

&Mine was then challenged with designing and developing a world class, modern e-commerce website for consumers that would drive Melrose to become Australia’s leading and most trusted health food company.

Melrose was operating online with a trade-only website (for their retailers and distributors to order from), which was built on an outdated platform with poor UX. The main challenge was integrating the client’s entire ERP with latest version of Magento 2 we had to grab and synchronize all inventory and push orders and customer data back. &Mine gave Melrose a fresh, modern repositioning with a beautifully designed website, utilising a natural colour palette and beautiful visuals. A content rich + conversion driven website was built using the Magento 2 platform as a base.

Melrose is no longer simply an online store for health products, it’s also an inspirational hub of health and wellness information, delicious, nutritious recipes and expert advice for guiding users on their health journey.

One unique, custom built feature is the Benefits for the Body page, with interactive functionality that matches Melrose products to different systems in the body they might help improve, while also providing useful information in the copy and the opportunity to upsell/cross sell to users.

&Mine and Melrose are very pleased with the result and we’ve already seen a huge increase in traffic and sales. But don’t take it from us, see for yourself… Visit Melrose’s new website or read some of the testimonials below:

“A big thanks and well done for doing what you said you would – building us a world class Health Food website.”

-Russell Parker, CEO, Melrose Health

“Thank you to each and everyone of you for your dedication and hard work in getting this live and running and for your continuous hard work over the week in ironing out the issues that come with a website launch. We are getting some really positive feedback already on the website so well done – a huge congrats to you all.”

-Katarina Heath, Group Marketing Manager, Melrose Health

“Thank you for all of your hard work in getting our beautiful Melrose website live today. Woohoo! 
From the incredible design, to all of the behind the scenes technical aspects, to making it all come together…”

-Lucinda Hobson, Marketing Project Manager, Melrose Health

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The guys at &Mine are one step ahead and have made the process pleasant and stress free. All credit to them and their great working culture because I expected the process to be awful. I am looking forward to taking this project live and doing more business with &Mine. - Lauren Brown, Director, Motto fashion

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