The Perfect Brand: What makes great branding?

The Perfect Brand: What makes great branding?

So what makes a perfect brand? This article will focus on answering that question for you.

What is a Visual Brand?

Your logo and identity is your visual brand. It must represent you and your team; you should feel proud to share it, proud to wear it. From handing out a card, to posting something online, it should carry weight; you should feel confident from how it looks in context… And beyond the honeymoon period of a new brand, the confidence should persist. The only caveat here, that even great brands are refreshed around every five years.

The Importance of Brand Identity

A perfect brand identity showcases professionalism and increases the overall value of a company. A perfect brand or logo doesn’t distract from the main ideas of the company and forms part of every collateral and marketing interaction. A well-balanced sophistication is integral to good design, especially when you showcase a brand-mark in real-world applications.
Aside from a strong aesthetic, of which there are volumes written about, your brand identity should also be memorable, particularly in the current media landscape. The logo you remember well after you’ve seen it is a winner. We don’t try to win design awards with overly cooked ideas and sell you in the room.

Our Design Philosophy : Making The Perfect Brand

Therefore our overarching design philosophy is sophisticatedmemorable and most importantly, commercial. Our goal is to deliver on your brief and ours, considering the wide commercial territory and planning how you will stand out, to support your business success today and in the future.

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Michael and his team have just launched our new website and the team at AndMine have been professional and a pleasure to deal with. From the very start, it was evident that Michael was able to deliver a first class website and gave great advice about social media and other tools we need to consider, given the nature of our business. After several design phases, we worked closely together and achieved a result that we are very happy with. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending AndMine for web and online marketing related services. - Illona Vak, C Squared Executive

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&Mine team is a melting pot of technology and creative minds. Each year, we slice a few percent of our bandwidth to develop our own commercial projects. For example, we have developed a prototype Posture Detector with the help of Melbourne University's Engineering Department that will send signals to your smartphone and vibrate if your posture is poor. We are also improving our suite of cloud based software applications like Meet&Mine, our Networking Software. During its first year gathering data, it referred over half a million dollars of real business for a small Melbourne network group. If you’d like to know more about our laboratory projects and how you can get involved in capital raising, marketing or support, simply contact us.

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