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Software Technical Support

&Mine’s Software Technical Support covers a wide range of specific core platforms and codebases.

These are part of &Mine’s core Software Technical Support languages and environment development competencies; which are maintained to current and recent versions to ensure backward compatibility;
Raw Codebase Expertise:

o Java
o Javascript
o Various Frameworks
o C Variants
o Android and iOS
o Unix and Linux
o Various Database Technologies
o Apache

With over 60 dedicated staff including the company’s director, CTO, Senior Digital Producer and Developers who each hold Engineering or Software degrees specific to the proposed core website technologies, &Mine have a combined experience covering decades of digital development; this knowledge base includes early versions of these technologies through to the latest releases.

&Mine support a large landscape of Software Technical Support for SaaS customisation and code editable technologies many of which are partnered at an enterprise level, for example (to name a few more common platforms*):

o WordPress
o Drupal 7, 8
o Magento
o Shopify
o BigCommerce
o Facebook
o eBay
o PayPal
o eWay
o Neto
o Netsuite (Oracle)
o Lemonstand
o Joomla
o Stripe
o Square
o Instagram
o LinkedIN
o Twitter
o Various eDM Platforms (inc. Mailgun)
o ERP Platforms
o And Many More…

* For a comprehensive list or to check if &Mine have currently maintain a less common technology you’ve integrated into or are interested integrating to your technology stack, please ask and &Mine account managers.

Software Technical Support is part of the Software Development Services that we offer at AndMine to leverage digital campaigns for our clients.

The content for this page is currently being rewritten to provide you with the most up-to-date and relevant information on our services.

Contact us here for more information about Software Technical Support and how we can help you optimise the results for your company.

While Software Technical Support forms one aspect of your digital ecosystem nothing online sits in a silo. &Mine's in-house team now delivers 142 services; Avoid costly mistakes and #WIN online. Read our expert articles, or lets talk - and you’ll get honest and direct answers right away.

  • The AndMine team have been delivering our digital strategy and online services for many years now. Strongly commercially aware they know our industry well and have consistently delivered winning results for Matchbox. - David Cohen, Owner, Matchbox

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