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Choosing the Best Business Software

When it comes Choosing the Best Business Software, there is never ending choices for organisations. In fact it is a minefield of choices. But that only makes our job easier, helping you cut through the crap.

The digital world is saturated with new software, new programs and not to mention how their apparently an “app for everything!” What we have found at AndMine is that a lot of commercial software is unfinished, difficult to use or just plain unnecessary. Programs should be maximising productivity, efficiency and reducing overheads. Instead how many of us are swamped by emails, overcooked processes and lacklustre business software which takes up more time than it saves ? ….So Choosing the Best Business Software… how, why, ideas… help please….

Innovation through smart software choices using   configuration first, then if needed customisation; 

There are lots of examples and case studies on our site where Choosing the Right Business Software is our exact brief – We have successfully reviewed the landscape of SaaS (out of the box Software as a Service) and determined based on clients needs and resource what the best platform is to install. We focus on configuration, then customisation, finally if needed, complete custom coding of off-site modules. This hierarchy of platform on-boarding ensure the software methodology is matched to optimisation and efficiency, not purchasing all the bells and whistles companies never use and get in the way. Recent examples of success include;

  • BigCommerce one of our eCommerce platforms of choice, read an article from our ‘Customising BigCommerce’ case study series. At AndMine, while remaining platform agnostic, we’re still the number 1 trusted BigCommerce developer in APAC.
  • Booking platforms have huge limits around customisation. The kind of challenge our experts love – Read this article to find out how AndMine worked with Unique Escapes to customise beyond the basic customisation settings on the platform, YesBookIt to maximise UX and CMS.
  • Customised Booking Websites and CMS. Mastering Kigo the AndMine experts produced a completely new website and brand feel for Luxico.
  • Scheduling programs: Schedugram, onlypult, Sprout, Hootsuite and the list goes on. There’s so many options how do you find the best one? There is no ‘best’ there is only the program which is best for you.

CRM, where the greatest tech opportunity for business optimisation exists today.

CRM is one of those cornerstone platforms inside most organisations ripe for considerable improvement. How many people and organisations are unhappy with their CRM ? Your CRM may be the most important software choice you make. Why? Because we are in the business of people. It’s called Customer Relationship Management for a reason. Your CRM needs to be user friendly, internally and externally; it should be adaptable to your specific needs. Your CRM should enhance your team’s working environment, increase productivity, increase efficiency, save time and save on costs. We’ve laid out the top tips for choosing your CRM Software, we can help you discover a software more suitable for your organisation.


CRM is a hugely complicated landscape riddled with pitfalls and salesmen-ship which out-runs intelligent choices. We can help cut through the mis-information on platform choices and again, while agnostic, we’ve been so frustrated by CRM we built our own which we offer for a growing number of categories and industries.

Please visit our website if you’d like to know more and see if your business qualifies for one of our strategic sessions.

So … Choosing the Best Business Software

Another huge software word to look into – “Convergency” – the ability to take 5 integrated platforms and turn it into 4, or 3 or 2…. when done well, the overhead reductions are enormous without loosing any core functionality.

The end goal of all software is to make work and life easier, not get in the way. Call us to find out how we will make this a reality for you and your entire team.

While Choosing the Best Business Software forms one aspect of your digital ecosystem nothing online sits in a silo. &Mine's in-house team now delivers 142 services; Avoid costly mistakes and #WIN online. Read our expert articles, or lets talk - and you’ll get honest and direct answers right away.

  • Not only is Michael professional but he is also a great friend to have in your court. He is balanced in his advice, fair in his quotes and has the best twitter feed for all things tech - i highly recommend you follow him and also hire him! - Clare Smith, GM – Brand & Marketing Communications at Sensis

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