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We help our clients optimise their digital strategy by using Influencer Marketing and Affiliate Marketing as part of our Digital Marketing & Advertising Services.

What is Affiliate / Influencer Marketing?

Affiliate and Influencer Marketing is based on partner referrals from one business to another. For example, think of a hotel travel desk selling various tours to guests for a commission. This scenario is mirrored in the digital landscape; if a travel website refers users to buy a specific tour package they incur a referral fee for each conversion and for their marketing efforts. The tour company can track the data for where conversions occur to determine which online retailer is selling most of their product.  

In the B2C space, social media, particularly Instagram, has seen the growth of influencer marketing in the form of endorsement partnerships. Social media influencers are being paid by companies to promote their brand or specific product in the form of a review, by ‘tagging’ a brand in a candid post or staging creative content such as flatlays. Social influencers are the modern, crowdsourced, affiliate marketers, and business is going gangbusters. 

&Mine play both fields – We offer business to business introductions and JV (Joint Venture) referral partnerships as well as social outreach to influencer marketers, either through platforms or direct relationships.


JV Affiliate and Influencer Marketing Benefits

We utilise JV (Joint Venture) affiliate marketing partnerships for our clients because it is a system that is mutually beneficial for both parties. The host or endorser is driven by the incentive of a commission to promote and sell greater numbers of a product. The JV Business partners works well where aligned businesses improve their B2B service proposition to clients and we have successfully brokered partnerships across legal, finance, insurance, manufacturing and of course digital service business.

On the Influencer marketing front – This market is becoming more accessible and likened to a direct digital advertising channel with specific benefits – Users (potential clients) have already choosen to follow the influencer or visit their particular website themselves. We leverage the organic reach that these influencers or organisations have to optimise the overall digital marketing strategy of our clients. The result? Thousands of followers who admire these social media “celebs” receive uninterrupted marketing in the palm of their hands. It’s about harnessing that feeling of desire created by influencers and converting consumers on their path to purchase. 

For example, TRIBE is an organisation or ‘marketplace’ that connects influencers to brands. TRIBE is built on authentic advocacy, whereby influencers choose brands they are aligned with and create a genuine post. Brands can either purchase the post, or decline. This way, brands only pay for posts they are equally aligned with; it’s a mutually beneficial relationship. We also build digital JV partnerships into B2B relationships, where businesses are referred to other businesses through an app for a fee.

Influencer Marketing

Above: One of the many new emerging JV marketplaces &Mine utilise – TRIBE.

There are direct commission platforms as well that pay $ for conversions linked to a blogger or social influencers direct posting. Here are some examples below from Commission Factory  we use;  there is also Shopping Links et al.

Basically to get paid, any influencer:

1. Picks a commission based campaign to make $$ money from.
2. Review the Creative (lots of options and formats).
3. Copy the HTML into your website or use the LINK into your Social Feed (there are options for this) – anyone that clicks it and actually goes through with a purchase, the influencer gets paid the commission.

This is already big, but this type of affiliate marketing is going to be a huge part of all digital marketing, there are hundreds of thousands of influencers working to sell your product, and all it costs you is a percentage of the actual conversion (sale). They don’t get paid unless their traffic converts into a sale.

Influencer payment

Influencer payment example

Influencer payment form

When we establish influencer and affiliate marketing partnerships, we always track the data of conversion outcomes. This way we can see the platforms and pages that your customers are best aligned with and therefore allocate more budget towards these, and remove it from those that are underperforming. To provide full transparency, we use a custom data aggregation dashboard that our clients can access at any time. This provides real time data so that our clients can see exactly which avenue is driving more sales conversions.

Achieve Results With Affiliate & Influencer Marketing Partnerships

Affiliate and Influencer Marketing is an element of the overall digital advertising strategy that we provide for our clients. Marketing partnerships with social media influencers of B2C and B2B JV partnerships or online retailers present the opportunity to tap into a huge market of interested consumers and clients. We utilise affiliate partnerships that are aligned with your brand to maximise and multiply ROI to amplify the results of your overall digital advertising campaign.

Want to find out more about how AndMine can help you implement Affiliate and Influencer Marketing as part of your digital strategy? Get in touch with us.

While Influencer Marketing and Affiliate Outreach forms one aspect of your digital ecosystem nothing online sits in a silo. &Mine's in-house team now delivers 159 services; Avoid costly mistakes and #WIN online. Read our expert articles, or - and you’ll get

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