Email Retention Marketing

Email Retention Marketing is part of the Digital Marketing & Advertising Services that we offer at AndMine to maximise results for our clients.

What is Email Retention Marketing?

Email Retention Marketing is a marketing strategy that utilises emails or EDMs to communicate with customers who are already engaged with your brand and are interested in what you have to say. The emails serve as a friendly reminders with the aim of retaining consumers after the initial engagement or conversion has occurred. The content of the EDMs can include things like special offers, new product launches or event special members-only events. The desired outcome of Email Retention Marketing is to see an uplift in the the number of repeat customers who remain engaged with the brand beyond the initial engagement and who will potentially become lifelong and loyal customers.

Email Retention Marketing &Mine

Just like with acquisition marketing, companies who employ an Email Retention Marketing strategy must work to understand their customers’ needs and to determine what the most relevant and effective content and messaging will fulfill these needs. At AndMine, we track EDM campaigns and consumer behaviour data by using UTM codes within EDMs that are attached to custom URLs. This enables us to track the source, medium and campaign name via Google Analytics help us map out where consumers came from and what specifically lead them down the path to purchase. We provide complete transparency to our clients through a bespoke dashboard that shows all the data that we track in real time, that our clients can access at any time. Email Retention Marketing can be disseminated through email software such as Mail Chimp, however at AndMine we have our own software, Send&Mine. The benefit of having our own software means that we are experts in every facet of how this software works.

Through Email Retention Marketing, data tracking and our 4 Pillars of Business Success, your company can see what aspects of your campaign delivers optimal results. We determine what attracts consumers, what keeps them engaged, what leads to their conversion and how we can amplify your company’s success by refining these elements of your campaign.

4 Pillars of Success

Amplifying Results With Consumer Retention

The result of optimised Email Retention Marketing means that your brand will stay at the front of mind for your customers. By establishing what works and which elements of your campaign make consumers buy your product you can amplify this to achieve maximised conversions and increase ROI. We use the data for constant refinements and once we know what works we apply more effort and increase budget down this path.


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