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Who is ‘The Expert’ ?

With so many clients coming to us with horror stories from so called ‘experts’ out there, we ask who really is The Expert? We lay this out and share The Goldilocks Test so you can get results that aren’t too hot, not too cold, but just right. It will also help you keep your Job and Business and avoid the common digital pitfalls to do with cognitive and selection bias.

This is an article about how to pick the right agency and service provider, especially in the digital landscape and avoid the Goldilocks problem out there.  So what is the Goldilocks problem ?….

All good fairy tales should end with ‘happily ever after’, so I was always perplexed about Goldilocks and the Three Bears – an opportunist on the prowl, makes a huge mess and ends up running away! I think there are plenty of parallels with the way a lot of agencies / service providers today: over confident, messy and irresponsible with your outcomes. Goldilocks was an expert on one thing, what she wanted. If an agency operates in this way, how does that help you? You need to find The Expert… but how ?

Yes there are lots of so-called experts out there who sell you the perfect porridge – we’re surrounded by social, mobile app, communications, software, tech and IT gurus who pump up their own tyres like there’s no tomorrow. They’ll pitch their ideas to you as the next big thing you must be in on. Not to mention all the spam – like Goldilocks’ growth-hacking email lists and social media accounts just so they can bombard you with, “Hi, are you looking for…  you gotta be on Instagram…. we’ve got amazing results in”.

But, what do you actually get? The same mess the bears found when they got home – it’s exhausting. And like the bears, you’ll be chasing quite a few Goldilocks agencies out of your office before you find a good fit.

The truth is, knowing just a few more buzz words will make someone sound like an expert. A few days on Google and you can be an expert too. Like Goldilocks, young kids are naturals on iPads and social media, but this doesn’t mean you should hire them for your next big project. Self-proclaimed “experts” is why most, if not all of our new clients have a very similar story when we first talk – “We paid a huge bill to clean up the mess ourselves and chase away the agency, who we found asleep on our account!”…. yep sounds just like Goldilocks.

So how do you save your job / business ? …
How do you get great results from choices you make in digital ?…
Avoid the Goldilocks agencies and find The Expert? Click to use the Goldilocks Test…


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